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We use only fresh, All Natural lean pork shoulder, spring lamb, boneless-skinless turkey breasts and thighs, and beef chuck--no meat byproducts. Our sausages are 15% fat or less. Every batch is handmade in small amounts, never mass produced. Our seasonings are individually blended for each recipe. We never use pre-packaged spice mixes. Fresh varieties contain no MSG or preservatives of any kind. Smoked sausages contain a very small amount of sodium nitrite necessary for curing and are smoked naturally with hickory chips in our own smokehouse. Smoked varieties are fully cooked and ready to eat either cold or heated any way you like. Our recipes contain a soy blend rather than bread crumbs so that they are gluten free.

Our guarantee covers not only the quality of our product, but also your complete satisfaction. If you don't like our sausage, for any reason, we will refund your money.


Sausage is $8.95/lb,  Jerky is $29/lb and Sticks are $24/lb


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Price: $10.95
Nice, tangy snacking sausageto take to the beach, camping or hiking. Beef, pork, garlic, mustard seed, maple sugar, citric acid and salt. With just enough jalapeno to make it interesting.
Smoked Pepper Jack Brats
Price: $8.95
A modified Bratwurst recipe with mild shredded pepper jack cheese speckled throughout. Yummm!
Price: $8.95
Our State Fair Italian sausage has the same ingredients as our regular smoked Italian but has a finer grind and lighter smoke (like a hot dog), and is a longer fatter link.  Perfect for grilling with onions and peppers and serving on a large roll.  Yumm!
Price: $8.95
Our State Fair Kielbasa is the same as our smoked ring Kielbasa except that it is a finer grind and lighter smoke and it isa long fat link versus a ring.  Perfect for grilling with onions and peppers and served on a large roll.  Yumm!
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