Shipping Information 

Q: How soon will my order ship after placing it through your website? 

 Most of our products require refrigeration.  In order to assure delivery within two to three days,  we only ship orders on Mondays, unless shipped Express (next day). Therefore,  orders placed Monday through Sunday will ship the following Monday. Express mail orders placed Monday through Wednesday will ship no later than  Wednesday.  We will not ship any orders Thursday through Sunday under any circumstances.
Q: At what temperature should my order be when received? 

Every effort is made to ensure that you receive your order in a timely fashion, ensuring freshness. We want your order to at least be cool to the touch. or colder. If you receive your products and they are warm to the touch, please contact us immediately at 207-353-5503. All products should be promptly refrigerated upon receipt. Anything that you won’t be eaten within 4-5 days should be frozen.
Q: What is your return policy? 

We guarantee your satisfaction unconditionally. Pleae call us immediatelyat (207)353-5503 to make arrangements to have the unused portion of your order returned to us using the original container and gel packs so that we may inspect the product.