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Price: $8.95
A mild, un-smoked German sausage made with veal, pork, eggs, milk, green onions, mace, pepper and lemon peel. Excellent with a spicy mustard!
Louisiana Hot Links
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Price: $8.95
Smoked, medium spicy Cajun sausage popular in Po Boy sandwiches. Pork sausage seasoned with cardamom, allspice, clove, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, sage, marjoram and coriander. Like the rest of our smoked products, it's ready to eat! Packages are usually less than one pound, but are $8.95 per pound, the same as our other pork sausages)
 Chinese Lop Cheong
Price: $8.95
A mildly sweet, partially dehydrated Cantonese sausage great in vegetable stir fry's or in fried rice. Pork, five spice, soy sauce, rice wine, spices.
Hungarian Kolbasz
Price: $10.95
Pork and beef sausage seasoned with lots of garlic, onions, black pepper, Hungarian paprika, Hungarian Tokaji wine and a dash of cayenne.