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Great Food for the TrailAll Trail products are fully dehydrated (need no refrigeration) and are excellent as healthy snack foods, low fat and low carb for those on diets. Delicious cut in small pieces and sprinkled on salads, in scrambled eggs, on pizzas, in soups, etc.  PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE FACT THAT DEHYDRATED PRODUCTS ARE PRICED HIGHER PER POUND THAN REGULAR SAUSAGE.  PACKAGES ARE NOT PORTION CONTROLLED, BUT WE WILL MAKE SURE THAT YOU GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH IN PRODUCT.



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Cajun Andouille Sticks
Price: $6.89
A little Cajun spice for the trail
Trail Sticks
Price: $6.89
Ground beef and pork seasoned with salt, paprika, ground mustard, lemon pepper, ground white peppercorn, ground celery, garlic, Worcestershire sauce and natural hickory smoked.
Chorizo - Sticks
Price: $6.89
A hot, spicy, dehydrated sausage about the thickness of a pencil.
Habanero Snack Sticks
Price: $6.99
Fiery hot snaking sticks.  Beef, pork, salt, spices, habanero peppers, celery, corn syrup, garlic.
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Price: $3.99
The traditional German trail and hunters trail food.
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Price: $6.89
Fully dehydrated pepperoni snack sticks require no refrigeration.
Trail Jerky
Price: $5.99
Thinly sliced beef round smoked to perfection with hickory and cherry wood in our own smokehouse.
Trail Jerky - HOT
Price: $5.99
A hot, spicy whole meat jerky you can take anywhere.