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AMAZING! I recorded your commercial with Kal and he hooked me up with some of your Chorizo Jerky. It was incredible! I had a taste of some of the other treats too. Absolutely fantastic stuff!

-Chuck Homler/Saco, ME

aurice is an artist. Each year we take a spring canoe trip in northern Maine with 50 lbs of assorted varieties. WOW! What a treat to eat well in the great outdoors. Cajun Andouille will warm even through the cold, wet Maine spring!

-Steve Barr/North Yarmouth, ME

y Dad is in his late 80's, lives in Boston, and has been craving real "old world" kielbasa. I bought some for him and he is still raving about it. I recently tried some of the Greek Sausage on the grill, as recommended with a dash of fresh lime and a greek salad--marvelous! Your products are wonderfully fresh, incredibly lean--there is NO shrinkage, and the price is unbeatable. The store is immaculate, folks are friendly and helpful. It's hard to believe places like this exist anymore! Try it! You'll love it!

-Helen Hanlon/Winthrop

[your sausage] was excellent. I was concerned about how the meat would keep for a canoe trip so I  dried some of it for a 5 day canoe trip. the dried sausage tasted great, kept well over the 5 days, and was far better than the commercial summer sausage we brought as well. We ate it as is as well as cooked in sauce. This is going to be a standard for my future trips. 

-Steve (Jay, Maine)

have been a customer of Mr. Bonneau's for over a year now. His sausage is always of the highest quality. Every variety I have tried has been far superior to any other similar products. Mr. Bonneau is a pleasure to talk with. He is always willing to discuss recipes and ingredients. He loves to spend time with his loyal customers. Thank you Mr. Bonneau.

-Greg Rose/Lewiston, ME

ell, the Old-Fashioned Country Smoked Sausage was just GREAT! We all enjoyed it. I brought a piece to my mother (early 80's) and she said it tasted like the homemade kielbasa that my grandmother from Poland made and smoked on the farm 60 or 70 years ago. My mom really enjoyed it as well as the memories that the taste and aroma brought back to her...Thursday is going to be Maurice Bonneau Sausage night at our house. It is not often that a person gets to do what he loves to do--we are so glad that you love to make sausage...We can't wait until next Thursday when we will try the Bangers with garlic/onion mashed potatoes.

-Wallace Wojtowicz/Albany, NY

anted to let you know how delicious your fresh Kielbasa was! ...We got in late, so before I unpacked I started the water to cook it. The whole house was filled with the aroma of the Kielbasa, and when done, we had a slice with the great mustard from your shop. Then another slice, and another--well we finished half of it before we knew it! It has such a delicate taste--just perfect. Needless to say we ate the rest of it the next day--and we have since had the smoked ring also.

-Susan Bellas/Hillsboro, OH


I was recently saying to my husband that I missed your sausage products and then saw your TV ad !!!!!!  We are so thrilled to know where to find you again.   We love your products so much that we have added your link to our Facebook page and sent emails to all of my non FB friends.  We wish you much success and are eager come to you shop.  The online ordering is great also!

-Lindy Wood (Turner) 

Hi Maurice, we stopped in Saturday morning for the first time (we had the 3 kids with us).  You can quote me on this – the last time I had sausage this good was in Austria!   Looking forward to many happy return visits to your store.   Thanks

- Brian    


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